Friday I’m in Love


Hey there lovely people. I hope you’ve had a good week? March is here – I always look forward to March beginning as it means it’s almost spring AND it’s my birthday month! Though currently, it is SO cold and snowy, it’s hard to believe spring is around the corner. the thermometer in the garden is saying it’s around -2C as I write this {at midday Thursday!!} and my poor heating is working overtime to try and keep the house warm. We’ve more snow forecast, the kids are hoping it comes so they sledging over the weekend.

It’s been a quiet week here, as Beastie has been ill since last Thursday. I thought he was just exhausted after a busy week and had a cold. Then by the weekend, his face was covered in sores. A trip to the doctors confirmed it was Impetigo and he’s been really poorly with it. Slight fever, so tired, no appetite. He’s had lots of naps and lots of boob all week, so we haven’t really been anywhere or got very much done. Fingers crossed he seems to be on the mend now, and I’m hoping the snow clears soon as we’re meant to be going to Liverpool next week to watch some Gymnastics at the Echo Arena!

I posted a vlog about our day out last week to Chester Zoo over on my YouTube channel.

I shared our meal plan for March yesterday

I rarely eat wheat these days, and haven’t for the last year. This article has reasons to limit your wheat consumption – interesting reading.

I’m consciously trying to reduce even further how much waste we make – here are 100 steps to a plastic free life, things you can buy once instead of using disposable items, and 10 ways to create less waste.

This free guided journal and mandala colouring book looks wonderful

10 {not so} harmless habits that age you

Totally obsessed with the stickers in this Etsy Shop!

In need of a sugar detox?

I want to make this lava stone necklace so badly!

I’d love to have a go at macrame – I’ve made some really basic plant hangers in the past but would love to learn more.

Why media role models matter

I might have to treat myself to this bracelet for my birthday!



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