Friday I’m in love

Friday I'm in love

Hello from very cold Wales! I know it’s winter, but goodness it’s cold! Cold without the snow that some places have had much to the disappointment of my kiddos. I’m not quite sure how it is Friday again already, the week has flown by. It’s been a good week, busy but not hectic. One of those weeks when you don’t seem to have had five minutes to sit down, yet you’re not sure what you’ve actually done all week.

It’s been a normal-ish kinda week – some work for me, homeschooling for the kiddos, some crafts, some baking, a trip to the library, lunch out with friends – all good stuff. When the little three were out with their Dad on Wednesday, Lola and I went to the cinema to watch Darkest Hour, the new movie about Winston Churchill. It was really good, an interesting movie and oh my goodness, Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill was amazing. It was so good to spend some time just with my eldest, and equally good to get to the cinema to see something that wasn’t a kids movie!

Yesterday we took Beastie to a bilingual toddler session at the library, he was a little unsure and shy to begin with, but by the end he loved it. Living in Wales, it’s great to be able to introduce them to the Welsh language {and hopefully pick a little up myself!}. We followed that by lunch out with friends {and found a fab cafe in town that offers vegan cheese! win win!}

Now it’s the end of another week. We’re working/homeschooling this morning, and have friends coming for a playdate this afternoon. Nothing too much planned for the weekend, movie night with Lola tonight {we’re currently watching the new episode of The Good Place each week and then The Crown after}, perhaps a walk and lunch out tomorrow. The kiddos will be with their Dad on Sunday, not sure what I have planned yet – maybe some work, some reading and hopefully filming another vlog!

Speaking of vlogs – I’ve put two new ones up on my channel this week –  one talking about my 2018 goals and one sharing some of my favourite vegan foods. Please go watch, and don’t forget to subscribe!

I’ve just re-watched the Food Matters and Hungry for Change documentaries with my big kiddos. I’ve transformed my diet in the past year, and these are a great eye-opener if you need some inspiration to ditch the junk and processed foods.

10 good habits to pick up this year

Roasted Veg and Chickpea bowls?! YUM!

A workout wishlist to go with these trainers I just got –  this hoody, these leggings, and this bra

I’m doing Dry January – but this is an interesting article on mindful drinking as an alternative.

I’ve added in a daily plank challenge as one of my goals this year – love these plank variations!

To the girl who needs to find herself again ?

A wishlist for my home – this rug, this laundry basket, these bowls, this coffee table and this letterpress print.

I’m planning on starting this Creativebug class – Living a More Creative Life: 30 Ways in 30 Days, and this Homemade Apothecary class is great if you’re looking to start making your own beauty products.


What do you have planned for the weekend?

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