The importance of handwriting


In this age of modern technology, it’s easy to put more emphasis on typing instead of handwriting. We send emails instead of writing letters, we keep online journals rather than writing in a physical book with a pen. Traditionally, there would be a lot of importance put on children practicing their handwriting in school. WHiel my children are homeschooled, so there are no handwriting lessons for them, and a lot of their lessons are done online, I do think it’s handwriting is an important skill for them to have. I encourage mine to write, even just a little, every day. They keep daily gratitude journals, write letters by hand to penpals and I’ll give them prompts for some story writing.

It is important children grasp the basics of handwriting from an early age, as learning to write by hand is an integral part of a child’s development. TES, who conducted the survey found that 60% of teachers felt they would be able to teach handwriting more effectively within the classroom if they had parents support at home. It would be beneficial to practice handwriting afterschool and at weekends, establishing a new routine. Practicing handwriting may also help your child to relax after school or other hobbies, whilst also aiding information retention, the development or hand-eye coordination and the ability to focus.

New research has shown that 28% of children aged 11 or under are not able to use joined-up handwriting. Angela Webb, the chair of the National Handwriting Association, said: “Handwriting also supports the development of cognitive skills such as reading, spelling and the securing of maths concepts. The physical connectivity with the pen seems to impact the brain in a way that using a keyboard does not”.

National Pen have created a handy infographic oh why we should all hail the mighty pen!




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