5 reasons I’d have loved to have gone to Prom



When I was a young teenager, around 13 or so, I used to devour teen lit books set in the US. I’d imagine just what it would be like to go to my own prom – it always seemed like such a magical experience, so grown up and special. At that point, the schools here had nothing that even began to compare – just a lowly school disco, with packets of crisps, bottles of pop and parents dropping you off. Not quite the same thing as fancy dresses and limos is it?!

I’d spend hours dreaming of what I would wear, what flowers I’d like to be given, think of all the dancing we’d do and the fun that we would have. Movies make it look like such a magical evening, I’m sure in reality it’s not quite what the movies make it out to be, but it does seem like a great excuse to buy a fancy dress, get your hair done, go with a cute guy or gal and have a fun evening to remember!

These are five good things that always appealed to me most about prom {back when I was 13!}

* Flowers – the whole boy bringing the girl a corsage seemed so incredibly romantic to me! Every girl dreams of being given a beautiful corsage of flowers from a beau don’t they?

* The photos – when the guy comes to pick the gal up, the parents always made them pose for awkward photos! They pretend to hate it, to despair at the parents, but really its always kinda cute to have photos of you and your date before such a big event!

* A night with friends – one last night of fun with friends before high school ends – asides from anything else about prom, I think that would sell it to me. After spending years with friends, having one last amazing night before you all head off in your own directions is pretty flipping amazing sounding.

* Memories – our teen years are about having fun and making memories, and what better memories than prom? These are the kind of memories that you’ll back on when you’re a ‘grown up’ with fondness.

* The dress – most certainly the very best part of prom for sure. You get to spend weeks picking prom dresses for your body type, trying on a zillion different dresses, finding the perfect accessories to go with it and feel like a princess for the night.

Have you ever been to Prom?


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