Four Things You Can Hire That Can Make Your Child’s Party Truly Amazing!


Planning a birthday party for your child can be a lot of fun. Deciding on a theme, writing out the invitations together, and organizing all of the toys and games that will make their eyes light up on the big day can be really enjoyable and rewarding.

However, sometimes you want to do more than just decorate and organize some standard party games. Instead, you may want to look outside of what you can do yourself and hire in something – or someone – that will really make the celebration go with a bang!

Here are four ideas of things you could hire to delight and entertain your child and their guests!

A Ferris Wheel

What could be more impressive on arriving at a birthday party than a private Ferris wheel your child and their friends can ride as much as they want? Not only will it serve as a great centerpiece for your party set up, around which you can set up all the other games and the food, it will also give a thrilling ride for the kids (and grownups), and a chance for your child to see their own home and garden from a totally new vantage point! Check out for Ferris wheels for hire.

A Water Slide

If your child’s party is going to be in the summer months, or you are lucky enough to live somewhere where it is warm all year round, then a water-based ride you can hire can be a fun choice that will also help your party guests keep cool! Inflatable water slides give all the fun of something to bounce around on while also letting the kids splash around and get wet. They are certain to delight your son or daughter on their big day!

Paintball or Laser Tag Equipment

For older kids, a game of paintball can be a lot of fun and a great way to burn off some energy! Paintball can be a little too dangerous for younger children, and it can hurt a little when you get shot, so for kids under around 12 a better option could be laser tag. This allows them to chase their friends and compete in the same way, but with successful hits recorded by a laser hitting a special vest rather than by a paintball. This is less messy too!

An Entertainer

Kids’ entertainers come in all kinds of varieties now, and while you can still get the classic options, such as a magician, a puppet show, or a clown, you can also now get celebrity impersonators, people who dress up as superheroes or princesses, and singers or comedians aimed at kids too, so you can match the entertainment to the taste and age of your own child.

These are just four ideas of things you can hire to make your child’s next birthday party one they will remember forever, as a really amazing day you created for them!


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