Divatress and Bobbi Boss Wigs


This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

Over the years, my hair has been every colour under the sun. It’s been super long and super short. It’s been straight, curly, heck, I’ve even had dreadlocks. I love experimenting with my hair, changing it up to suit my mood and having a bit of fun with it. THere have been many accidents, bright orange hair when it wasn’t supposed to be, or the time I cut my hair into a super short crop when I was pregnant – loved it for two weeks and then cried as I had no hair left!

For years, I have said that what I should do is invest in wigs. I think it would be the best – having a variety of wigs in different colours, lengths and styles so  I really can change my hair every day {or even every hour!}. The only thing that has put me off up until now, is finding affordable wigs that actually look good. I want a wig that looks {and feels} like real hair, and that isn’t strikingly obvious that it’s a wig.

I recently discovered Bobbi Boss. They make absolutely beautiful looking wigs. Divatress carries an extensive line of Bobbi Boss wigs and I am in love with their selection. They seem very affordable as well, which is a really big bonus for me. I think I might finally be tempted to enter the world of wigs! I’m quite excited for all of the possibilities and fun I’m going to have!


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