Tips for choosing a family car

tips for choosing a family car
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As I’m about to start my driving lessons {finally!! I’m determined to pass before my eldest can start her lessons haha!}, I’m also beginning to think about buying a car. Purchasing a family car is a big deal, you need something that is reliable, safe, good value for money and big enough! With a little research and a few questions answered, it doesn’t have to be quite so daunting. Once you’ve done your initial research is a great resource to learn about your chosen car. They have a huge selection of information that will provide you with everything you need to make an informed purchase.  These are the questions I’ve been asking myself to figure out what family car is the right one for us:

What size?

Whether you have one kid or four, this is an important question. One child might not take up much space, but you also have to think about things such as whether your pushchair will fit in the boot, if you plan on having more kids at some point, whether you can get all the car seats in the back seat together. For us, while we could fit in a standard 5-seater car, we love to go camping meaning we need space for the mountain of gear we take with us, so actually a 7-seater makes far more sense {and gives my kids some space from each other when the car isn’t fully loaded!}

Storage Space?

Again, size wise – what do you need asides from seats? Do you travel and need to be able to fit in luggage? Will you have a pushchair to get in the boot? Is there plenty of legroom for long journeys?

What kind of car?

If you’re likely to have 3 car seats needed at once, then realistically you need to think about an MPV for the extra width. Sliding back doors can be useful when you’re getting small children in and out. 5 door models are far more practical than 3 door cars if you’re constantly getting people in and out of the back seats.

What about safety

Safety features to think about when choosing a family car include airbags {remember you can’t have a rear-facing car seat in the front with an active airbag}, ISOFIX {in cars with ISOFIX, the car seat clicks into the attachment points, and there is no need to use a seatbelt. This is a safer option than holding a car seat in place with a seatbelt}, child locks on the doors are useful, as is the ability to lock the back windows from the front.

Fun stuff!

Long car journeys can be hard work with small children, so there are a few things that can help make it a little more bearable. Some cars come with built-in DVD systems, though you can also buy a frame so you can attach a tablet to the back of the headrests. Big pockets on the backs of seats are great for holding colouring books, small toys, and stories for littlies. Check for more than one power point – being able to recharge your phone or tablet could be a lifesaver! And for Mama in the front that all-important cup holder for your coffee!


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