10 innovative and creative ways to spend your Birthday

10 innovative and creative ways to spend your Birthday

From the big splurge to the cost effective, here are ten innovative ways to spend your birthday.

Go to a concert

If you and your friends or family love music, take your birthday celebration to one of the much-loved UK venues to see one of your favourite bands.  

Go to the Theatre

As well as music and art, a fantastic way to spend your birthday is to visit the theatre. Be it local dramatics or London’s big West End, there are plenty of shows to see. From comedy and musicals to opera and thrillers, you’re bound to find something you enjoy.

Have a picnic

Eating outdoors on a blanket picnic-style can be a memorable way to spend a birthday, if the weather is warm enough to do so. Enjoy home cooked treats and play a game or two on the grass.

Go to a festival
Experience all the joys of camping in the weird and wonderful at a festival. The good thing for us is that the UK has some of the best art and music festivals in the world, from the smaller, like Just So Festival, to the much larger, like Bestival. Most festivals are designed for families to enjoy too.

Go to a museum

If you want to head to the big city but you’re unsure of what activity to fill your time with,

London is bursting with free museums and art galleries to enjoy. From discovering history to uncovering science, you’ll be able to find something for everyone.

Have a family dinner

Lay the table, make decorations and take the time to enjoy sitting down together as a family for a birthday meal. If you don’t fancy cooking you could go out to dinner, but it’s all about enjoying the company of others on your special day.  

Plan a themed party

If you want to go all out, plan a themed party and invite all your friends and family. A theme can be anything from your favourite childhood characters to things beginning with the first letter of your name. Adding a fun theme can be a great ice-breaker if you’re inviting friends of friends, too.

Experience the outdoors

Spend some quality time in the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. Go for a walk, visit a nature reserve or spend the weekend under the stars, camping with the family.

Help the community

With a day off work a fantastic way to spend your birthday could be helping those in need. There are loads of interesting and hands-on projects you can get involved in, from gardening and building a children’s playground to supporting with a fun run or helping a homeless centre. It can be very rewarding and a great way to kick off the year to come.

Take a road trip

Your birthday is about you after all, so why not hop in the car and take a trip to visit your favourite place? It could be the beach, a memorable city, your home town, or to see your favourite view, just make it personal to you.

Those are just ten ideas for celebrating your birthday – do any of them take your fancy?


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