Winter Family holiday ideas


A week into November, and already it is freezing! While I love the cold if it means I can be curled up at home in the warm, I’m not made for this weather. Sunshine and warm days are what I need, when I’m frozen to the bone and having to wear 10 layers to stay warm I am not a happy bunny.

November and December never seem quite so bad, with the promise of Christmas and all the fun it brings at the end of them. January and February are by far the worst. Cold, dark and grey with short days and long nights that seem to drag on and on.

I’ve been toying with the idea of booking a holiday for the five of us, a few days away to break up the gloom of another cold and wet winter. While realistically, this year at least, it will most likely be a staycation, I’ve been dreaming of a week in the sun. I found myself browsing Holiday Gems the other night after a stressful day, dreaming of booking a trip to sunny skies.

Here are my top four dream winter holidays;

Greece ~ it’s been years {and years} since I went to Greece, and my eldest would love to go as well. Warm weather, beautiful scenery and an abundance of history to soak in – it would be my ideal holiday!

Ibiza ~ it might be best known as the clubbing capital, but the Northern town of Porinatx is very family friendly and a perfect resort for children.

Cape Verde ~ with temperatures in January and February of around 21°C, if you are looking for winter sun this is the place to go!

Bulgaria ~ not somewhere I’d thought about before, but it’s a budget-friendly destination, has warm weather, stunning beaches, luxurious family friendly resorts and captivating cultural landmarks.

Do you have a winter holiday planned? If you could go anywhere for a winter break, where would you go?


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