#TestYourTreads – making sure your car tires are safe and legal

I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to start learning to drive in the coming new year, it would make such a huge difference to have a car of my own and be able to get us all places. I’m starting to think about all the responsibilities that come with driving and owning a car. One being tyre safety. Being able to check your tyres are safe and legal yourself could really help save you lots of money {as well as ensure you’re safer on the roads}

According to Michelin, 36% of UK drivers have dangerously under-inflated tyres – or to look at it another way, two-thirds of the cars they checked were rolling on sub-standard tyres. According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which administers the MoT test, more than a third of MoTs are failed and in half of cases it’s because of a minor issue that the owner could have sorted themselves. Tyre Plus are currently running a #TestYourTreads campaign to encourage people to ensure they have safe and legal tires.

Checking your tyres every couple of weeks is a great habit to get into, here are a few tips to help:

* Start before you drive anywhere so your tyres are cold

* Check all around for damage such as cuts, bulges and nails or screws.

* Look for uneven tyre wear, as this could indicate a problem.

* Look for the small blocks that are set within the tread; when these are flush the tyre needs replacing as it’s down to the 1.6mm legal limit. If you do need tyres replacing, www.tyreplus.co.uk offer mobile fitting to make life easier!



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