How to Increase The Value Of Your House On A Slim Budget


If you are looking for a way to increase the value of your property and not have to break the bank then this article is exactly what you need. While everyone knows that renovating your property can be a very expensive time it doesn’t always have to be. There are many ways to increase the value and not leave yourself in the poorhouse. Rather than choosing to do up your whole home focus on specific rooms. This will make budgeting much easier and help you prioritize rooms. The two most important rooms in a home to renovate are the kitchen and bathroom. By implementing some simple changes in these rooms, you will find your home value increasing in no time.

The Kitchen

This room has changed a lot throughout the years but one thing still rings true, it’s the heart of the home. Many potential buyers look at the kitchen very closely when they are viewing any potential new homes. This makes it very important to ensure this room is in tip-top condition and ready to be presented. While it may be an expensive luxury to completely refurbish your kitchen completely, there are many shortcuts which can give the effect of a freshly renovated kitchen. Repaint your kitchen, this cheap and easy home improvement will leave your kitchen feeling super clean and new. Look up trending colours and pick a light and airy colour. Picking a light colour will encourage light flow in your kitchen and help the room appear larger than it may be. Furthermore, use acrylic, while many traditional kitchen materials such as glass, granite and wood can be very expensive acrylic is not. Simply plastics offers a wide range of affordable acrylics which can be used in many different ways. Acrylic can be used not only for kitchen splashbacks but also for kitchen cupboards too. While traditionally a kitchen splashback is made of glass, by swapping to an acrylic one it could save you some serious money. Acrylic is available in a wide range of different colours and can be cut down to any shape or size making it easier than ever to customize your kitchen.

The Bathroom

After the kitchen, the bathroom is often viewed as the second most important room. The same with kitchens, bathrooms can cos a lot of money to do up. However, there are some ingenious ways to improve this room without breaking the bank. If you have tiles in your bathroom rather than getting rid of them consider re-grouting them. This will leave your tiled sections looking sparkling clean. You can change your bathroom floor with some vinyl that is available in a large range of styles and effects. This is perfect if you long for luxurious marble floors but faint at the sight of the price, you can find some similar vinyl and use this as a substitute. To create an ultra-modern bathroom, opt to have some high gloss seamless panels placed in the shower. These high gloss panels give off an ultra-sleek and luxurious feel and can help transform your bathroom from drab to fab and increase value to your home.


Both the kitchen and the bathroom can be greatly improved with some clever styling and accessorizing. Once you have made some core changes to these rooms you can now style and accessorize them. Choose colour themes and stick to them. In your bathroom, you may want to choose Zen beiges and sky blues. This will create a peaceful Zen space for you to relax and recuperate in. choose fluffy towels to add a touch of comfort and strategically placed mirrors to create the illusion of having more space. With your kitchen think about showcasing your best glassware and funky utensils. You could consider putting up some open shelving as this is a great way for you display your beautiful glassware and accessories. Make sure all your appliances are looking clean as they can make your kitchen look grubby if they are unclean. Place some candles throughout your kitchen to create a scented cosy paradise.


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