It’s All in the Layers: How to Stay Warm and Fashionable this Fall


Do you need to bundle up before you go outdoors, but you want to do so without looking like the abominable snowman? The fact that it’s super cold outside is no reason to totally forget your inimitable fashion sense. When you know how to work with layers, you can create cute outfits that provide all the cozy warmth you need.

Start simple

When it’s crazy cold outside, you may be tempted to pile on every single clothing item you own. Don’t do that, or you really will look like a yeti. Instead, start with a body hugging layer that includes a comfortable bra and a silk camisole. Choose natural fabrics that breathe, and remember that panties are optional. If you wear thick opaque tights as one of your layers, you may skip them if you like. Check your mirror for modesty before heading out the door.

Button-up shirts can make a great winter layer, but you may not appreciate the way buttons look under other layers. Good thing the solution is super simple. Gurl magazine fashion experts recommend you button up your shirt, and slip a sleeveless tank top over it before layering on a cashmere turtleneck or your favorite Fair Isle sweater.

Lovely layers

Make any layered outfit a little fancier when you slip your arms out of the sleeves of your favorite jacket and drape it across your shoulders. You’ll still stay warm while earning style points, say fashionistas at Seventeen magazine.

If your outermost layer really packs a punch, keep the under layers more modest. For instance, say you’ve got an impossibly fluffy, brightly colored, thigh length cardigan that you want to show off to its full advantage. Wear a simple, unembellished black mini underneath, and you will turn heads for all the right reasons, not because people think bigfoot walked into the room.

Rock a full-length duster jacket cowgirl style when you opt to wear it over several layers of lightweight silks. Super slinky silk can be layered almost endlessly without adding unnecessary bulk to your wintertime wardrobe. A snug turtleneck makes a nice seamless layer that keeps you warm while you look utterly artsy cool. The keyword here is ‘snug’ turtleneck. Shop for a size smaller than you’d wear as an outer layer, and you won’t be bothered by bulk that slows you down.

Fabulous footwear

When it comes to layers, don’t forget your feet. Buy boots that afford ample room for warm boot socks from BCS Boutique. If your boots are too snug for thick socks, wear thinner socks and add a wonderfully warm layer with boot cuff toppers from BCS.

Yes, you can wear a short skirt in winter, but you’ll want to keep your legs warm. Don’t be afraid to wear thigh-high cable knit socks over tights or leggings. It’s wintertime, after all, and coziness is key. Experiment with your separates, and put together combinations you may not have considered before.



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