A Fun Way to Tempt Them Outside: How to Get Your Kids Away from their Screen


Our current crop of children have been raised in a digital world and it all seems normal to them to be surrounded by TV screens and mobiles as a way of communicating and being entertained.

Your task as a parent is to show them that they can have just as much fun when they put that technology down and head outside for some fresh air entertainment.

Here are some pointers on how to prise your kids away from their screen and get them outdoors, including why they need a break from their devices,

Too many hours

It might seem amazing to you as a parent that you even need to consider the idea of persuading your children to play outside when you think back to how much time you spent breathing in fresh air when you were their age.

When you consider that the average child can easily spend somewhere between forty and sixty hours each week staring at some sort of screen, you start to appreciate that their mental and physical health could be compromised if they don’t get enough outdoor play and stimulation.

Take up a hobby

Suggesting you go to the park for a walk with them is not a bad place to start when encouraging your kids to get outside more but the added incentive could be to persuade them to take up a new hobby that gives them regular outdoor time.

For example, it is possible to combine gadgets with fresh air and fun to get the best of both worlds.

Encouraging your child to learn how to fly a drone is one example of doing that. If you search for the best drone under 200 you will find models that will give them hours of entertainment, teach them new skills, and a new hobby like this will help boost their cognitive and physical development, without them even realizing it when they are having so much fun.

Think about setting them up with a hobby that gets them outside regularly and even if it involves gadgets like a drone, it still happily ticks all the right boxes in terms of increasing their outdoor exposure.

Engage with nature

There are very few kids who aren’t enthusiastic about the idea of a camping adventure, which makes it a great way to persuade them to head outdoors.

You don’t even have to travel far to enjoy a camping trip. Camping out in the back yard and spending an evening looking at the stars and looking out for wildlife will allow your kids to get closer to nature and forget about their tablets or phones for a while.

Another good way of getting your kids to get some outdoor exposure and exercise without taking much persuasion is to suggest a treasure hunt or take up geocaching.

Hunting for clues and finding where they have been hidden requires some problem-solving skills and gives them plenty of exercise as you travel around looking for these items.

Use your imagination to fire up theirs and head outside for some fresh air, fun, exercise, plus valuable time away from their screens.


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