Family Time

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The kiddos and I headed off again last week, just three days after getting back from the Just So, to spend a long weekend with my Dad and Step-Mum. We lucked out with some sunny, warm weather again and had a lovely few days. It was a much-needed break – being away at family for me is a good break – a chance to actually sit down and not have to rush around all day long. The kids are happy playing, there is no housework or jobs for me to do and I don’t even have to cook dinner!

The kiddos cousins came down for a couple of the days, the five of them spent hours playing in the garden, Lola was there – even with no photographic evidence {she’s VERY good at hiding from the camera these days!}. All of us had so much fun, we really wish we lived closer to them. I’m seriously thinking about a move back that way at some point, I’d love be to be closer to my Dad. Having family around would be fantastic not just for me but for the kiddos too – growing up surrounded by grandparents and cousins would be great. Also, it would be so nice to have a support system around now I’m a single Mama. We’ll see!

A few more photos of our time away, we’re away again this weekend, this time in Snowdonia with my brother, sister and her youngest two.  I’ll be glad to spend a little more time home again once we’re back!


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