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Hey there! How on earth is it the middle of May already? I swear just yesterday it was February right?! Life’s been as hectic as ever recently. Miss Lola had her 14th birthday on Monday. We celebrated a day early with a BBQ in our garden and friends, it was THE best day. I treated them to a takeaway pizza on Monday night, and we curled up and finally watched the Fantastic Beasts movie.

Yesterday I woke up in a funk, I don’t think the crappy weather helped. It was one of those days when I didn’t feel like I achieved anything, and everything felt like it went wrong. Yet when I looked back we hadn’t stopped for a single second – I worked a little, we did morning time and Life of Fred, we started a new read aloud book. The girls worked on a book club project {that involves paper mache – read super messy!} whilst Beastie finger painted. I worked out multiple times, I fitted in some painting time, we watched a nature documentary, made dinner, played a couple of games, played in the garden for the ten minutes or so it didn’t rain, did a load of laundry, cleaned up an entire pot of yogurt that fell out of the fridge, had a manic run-around-and-tidy-the-house dash, took Kiki to gym AND watched some shows with her after the others were in bed. Phew…. my idea of not having done anything is maybe a little off!

We’ve been making the most of the sunny weather when it’s here – working in the garden, eating al fresco, just generally soaking up as much Vitamin D as we possibly can. It feels so good to be able to be living outdoors, to have the doors open and the house full of fresh air again after being shut up all winter. Light mornings and long evenings are being very much appreciated, I try and sneak half an hour to myself in the morning if I can get out of bed without waking Beastie Boy. A giant cup of Earl Grey and some yoga sets me up for a great day!

I’ve managed to fit in a few new tattoos this month {seems to be my favourite way of occupying child-free time currently!}, and have been trying to get into a better work/life routine which seems to be panning out pretty well. Things all seem to be coming together pretty well, I’m sure this spring weather helps. Speaking of which – I’m so happy that the lilac in my garden is in bloom – so pretty and it smells amazing! I keep cutting a little to pop in a vase on our kitchen table – walking downstairs in a morning and being greeted by the smell of lilacs sure puts a smile on my face!

We’ve had a few days out lately, several to Liverpool, a trip to Chester for a Mythical Creatures hunt, a beach trip and a trip to a country park. We need to sit and make a ‘bucket list’ of things/places/activities to fill our summer with soon I think {though the Just So festival is already on there!}. We’re off out again today, and I’m thinking of doing something at the weekend, though I’m not sure what yet.  Have you made any summer plans yet?



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