It’s beginning to feel like Christmas


Finally… that festive feeling is starting to creep in, for me at least, I know my kiddos have been excited forever. Normally I’m on the Christmas bandwagon as soon as the summer is over, making plans, baking Christmas Cakes, starting the shopping. None fo that happened this year and the thought of Christmas was filling me with dread. Thankfully, a little of the kiddos excitement finally rubbed off on me.


I got them to write their letters to Santa and praised the skies for the wonder that is internet shopping. Nothing beats ordering Christmas gifts whilst wearing your PJ’s! i also managed to kick my butt into gear and make them their annual activity advent calendar… pretty pleased with how it turned out! The first activity is always to decorate our tree, though this year it was an evening activity as Lola was at school all day.


We had a fun evening, the five of us, watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, eating Nachos and decorating the tree. After last year when I, ahem, slightly over-estimated how high my ceilings were and we ended up cutting what seemed like half the tree off so it would fit, I went for a more realistic 7ft tree this time around. Once again, it’s come from Pines and Needles. Last years as our first real tree in years, and I was really impressed with the quality and how well it lasted, and how few needles it dropped.


I even managed to overcome my OCD and let the kids decorate the tree all by themselves {I might have reminded them to make sure all the baubles weren’t in one place and to spread the colours about a little…!}. Beastie is most excited about the star on the top and the button that makes the light sequences change.


Seeing them so excited about putting the tree up and Christmas coming was lovely, made me see that this season is a time to make brand new memories as a fivesome. Plus, we have a giant stack of boxes of chocolates and choccie biscuits ready in the pantry… we’re going to hibernate, eat lots and watch all the Christmas movies.



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