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Happy Friday friends! We’ve survived {just} our first week back! It’s always tough to get back to normal routines after the summer, those lazy mornings and days with no commitments are so lovely. We eased ourselves back in this week, checking in on courses and topics the kiddos have chosen, setting some intentions for the year, and adjusting to a new routine now that their Daddy is back at college full time as well as working. The hardest thing has been getting up and on in a morning, rather than lounging around and suddenly finding it is lunch time already. I’ve begun taking the littlest ones out for a morning walk/park play/nature walk. It’s a great way to start the day and sets us up far better than getting straight into work.

I’ll be honest and say I’m mighty glad it’s the weekend though! I’m feeling pulled in a million different directions, and I’ve set aside this weekend for some journaling to set my intentions for the year! Refocusing on what is important, where I’m going and what it is I want. The past few weeks have been busy, and I’ve not had time to think. If you follow me over on my IG, you might have seen some of these photos – I thought I’d share a few here too, as they’re great little snippets of what life has looked like for us lately.

Mr Beastie got sent a package of these yummy Piccolo baby pouches. I still love pouches {especially the fruit/yogurt ones} for him, as they are a great, convenient snack when we’re out on the move. I always keep a couple tucked in my handbag in case we get caught out – Mr Beastie gets very hangry ;) I often give him one with his breakfast too, as he’s not a big eater in a morning, but he’ll slurp one of these up and at least then his little tummy is full to start the day. This Cherry & Yogurt one is probably his [and my] favourite!

I’m trying to get up before the rest of the house. Not easy when Beastie still wakes me once or twice a night. But when I do, and I grab even just a half hour to myself, I’m such a better Mama. That quiet start to my day gives me headspace to wake up and be ready. I’ve started ditching my phone in favour of a journal, and writing some ‘morning pages’ whilst I drink that first coffee of the day.

Kiki turned 10! In denial my second born is now in double digits… these years are flying by far too quickly. She had THE best day – a pile of gifts, plenty of money for a shopping trip, a game of bowling AND lunch at Pizza Hut! She’s having a party soon for even more birthday celebrations!

As I said, we’ve been heading out for a walk first thing in the morning, before we sit down and do any work. It’s great to stretch our legs and burn off some morning energy first thing. Beastie loves collecting flowers and leaves into his little bag he insists on taking with us! We usually spot lots of dogs [and a few buses and lorries too for Beastie], stop by the play park and talk about what we can see. This week we spotted some almost ripe sloes!

We’re gearing up for a cold winter – starting to pack away some summer clothes, and get out the winter wardrobes! Baya was in need of a new winter coat this year – we picked up this gorgeous Monsoon one from House of Fraser – have to say I’m a little jealous as it is gorgeous! Super warm and shower proof {essential here in Wales!} And I love love love the fluffy hood! If only they did it in my size.

Seeing as we’re off summer ‘non-schedule’ and back into real life, I realised that we didn’t have any clocks downstairs, bar the one in the kitchen. Tired of having to get up to go see the time, or have the girls ask me every two seconds what time it was, I picked up a clock for our living room. We got this Gingko Brick Click Clock, which everyone thinks is the bees knees as it just looks like a piece of wood until you tap it nad then the time magically appears! Certainly kept the girls busy, it gets tapped every five minutes and the time announced to the whole room! You can also set it to tell you the date and the temperature too. I love that I’m not bombarded with the time every time I look up – as I find keeping a constant check of the time is really distracting, though I’m tempted to move it to my bedside table and leave my phone out of the room at night!

Hope you all have a lovley weekend planned!



  1. September 12, 2016 / 10:39

    Love that clock too. Well done on getting through the first week back, it’s never easy xxx

  2. September 12, 2016 / 11:18

    Gorgeous photos. Happy September Polly! xx

  3. September 12, 2016 / 13:05

    MAJOR clock love right here. I seriously need to get a clock like that for my desk! Gorgeous photos, as ever. Your kiddos are all so very photogenic – just like their mama. xxx

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