Family holidays, and Disney themed cruises

disney themed famliy cruises

So far, we’ve only taken UK holidays with the kiddos. Mainly due to finances, we’ve just not gotten around to heading abroad yet. But I’m seriously thinking we really need to do it – so we’ve started looking at possible options for next year. The kiddos all have their own ideas on what they’d like to do – from visiting historic sites {Lola} to LA {Kiki} to Disneyland {Baya}.

We’re not really a resort kinda family, I’m sure it would be nice for a day or two, but we’re more of a go off and explore kinda group – and we have a big long list of interesting places around the world that we would like to visit. I keep coming back to the whole Disney thing, though, we’ve been talking for years about taking the girls as we know they’d love it {well, maybe the teenager a little less now!}.

I’ve kept noticing friends photos this year from various cruises that they all have been on, and they look amazing. A cruise has never been something that I’ve even thought about before, but after seeing how much fun they have all had I started doing a little bit of investigating. There are some great family cruises available, like these amazing Disney themed cruises.

They look like they would be an amazing option for a family holiday. They have a whole host of entertainment onboard – from musicals to kids clubs. There is even a loft style teen club which is a big seller for me, as I know my teen would love that, more than hanging out with the littlies watching shows! The cruises are full board, with unlimited snacks and drinks – which makes budgeting so much easier – especially given how much my four eat.

The cruises sail from Dover to a variety of destinations – we’re really taken by the Northern Europe adventures – which visit the Norwegian Fjords, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Sailing from Dover the ship will also revisit the Baltic capitals including St Petersburg and Copenhagen before returning to the Barcelona in August to sail the Mediterranean.

Have you ever taken your kiddos on a cruise? Do you think it’s a good option for a family holiday?


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