Vega’s 18 month update

Vega  -18 month update

18 months!!! It seems like ages since I last posted an update {you can see his previous monthly updates here}. These past six months since his first birthday have flown by, and it’s crazy that my little man is a year and a half old already! Time needs to slow down please – Timehop kills me on a daily basis, showing me teeny Vega this time last year!

He’s well and truly in toddler-dom these days, since taking his first steps just before his birthday, he now rarely walks as he’d rather run, or jump or skip everywhere! He’s a great walker – though we take the pushchair out and about mostly still, he’ll walk quite happily for a long way if I’m not in a hurry to be somewhere. He loves being outside. Now the weather is better he spends most of his days in the garden – he absolutely loves the sandpit we have, his little playhouse and the rocking horse and see-saw we have outside. He loves playing ball {and shouts BALLLLLL lots!!}, feeding the guinea pig and picking strawberries from our strawberry patch and eating them!

He’s really developed his personality lately – he loves anything with wheels – buses, trains, cars, diggers. He gets SO excited watching them go past our window, and if we’re in a toy shop he’ll head straight to the toy car section. He waves at all the buses when we’re out for a walk, then blows them kisses ‘buh-bye’. Sweetie!

He’s really sociable too – he loves going to our home ed groups, and I barely see him when we’re there – he goes off to play with all the other kids quite happily. It’s so lovely seeing him join in and have fun with them all.

We’re ‘still’ breastfeeding, and I see no signs of him stopping anytime soon. He’ll feed when he wakes up, at nap time and before bed – and anytime in between he feels like it, either for hunger or just for comfort. He still wakes at night for a cuddle and feed – more comfort than hunger. While the broken nights are tough, I know it won’t be forever and he’s doing it because he needs that reassurance. I’m definitely not a fan of any kind of controlled crying {not something I have ever or would ever try}, he usually settles pretty quickly at night, and I still quite like those extra cuddles. He is usually in bed around 9pm – I know that seems late for some, but it works for us. My kids have always gone to bed later than the norm – we’re all night owls, and G has always worked late night’s, so having the kids up late means they get up later which suits us! We usually wake for the day around 8am, though sometimes a little earlier atm with the light mornings.

Food wise, he’ll eat most things. I usually just give him whatever we’re having at meal times. We’ve always done the whole ‘family meal’ thing with all the kiddos, obviously there are the rare times they eat separately but as a whole everyone who is home eats together. It’s something that I think is really important for kids to sit and eat {the same} meals with their parents. He does love bacon and cheese most of all though!! Breakfast is usually some fruit and cereal, and maybe a yogurt. Lunch we usually have some kind of wrap/salad/crackers/cheese combo and then his dinner is whatever is on our meal plan.

He’s a little chatter box now – he can say all of our names, as well as Mr Bear {one of our cats}, where is it, there it is, all gone, cat, bus, car, ball, down {for downstairs}, nom nom {for food}, more, splish splash, he knows his animal noises, counts 1,2,3 and babbles all of the time! Living with three sisters who are chatterboxes was bound to rub off on him!

He loves his sisters so very much – if he hasn’t seen one of them for a while, he’ll give them the biggest cuddle when he does. He loves giving kisses, and making them do what he wants – he’s ever so bossy and won’t let them get away with not doing as he says!

He’s a handful of mischief but we love him so very much

mama and beastie boy

vega park

vega walking the dog

vega and his train track



  1. June 28, 2016 / 09:03

    So cute – my niece turned 2 last week so she a little older then your boy but I do remember her being 18 month. He going to be a heart breaker when he get older – or maybe a heartthrob. xx

  2. June 28, 2016 / 09:21

    Wow Polly I cannot believe he is 18 months old already, wow, it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago he was being introduced to your blog x

  3. June 28, 2016 / 19:34

    Oh gosh, he is the cutest! That is incredible that you’re still breastfeeding too, Ada has just turned six months and I’m hoping to be able to carry it on for as long as she’s still interested :)

    Catherine |

  4. July 1, 2016 / 12:34

    I cannot believe he is 18 months now! Brilliant you are still breastfeeding and you look so good for someone with 4 kids Polly! x

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