If I were a Lotto Millionaire…

If I were a Lotto Millionaire...

I’m pretty sure everyone daydreams about what they’d do if they won the lottery….. In all honesty, I’d be more than happy if I won just enough to buy a house, not having my rent to pay every month would make a huge difference!

However…. if I did win a few million {or more} I certainly wouldn’t be complaining, oh no! First off, I think I’d take us all off on a holiday. I’ve wanted to visit California for over half my life, so we’d jet out there, visit my brother, see all the sights LA has to offer, spend some time on the beach, visit DisneyLand , explore San Fransisco and then head to visit more family in Arizona.

Back home, I’d buy us a house. If I could pick my house up and move it to the countryside I would, but failing that, a lovely old farmhouse would do me – space for some horses, some pigs for Kiki as well as chickens and some goats. I’d take my driving licence and buy G and I cars, and perhaps an RV so we can do some travelling around UK and Europe.

I’d get G set up in his own joinery business, and get some house help for me so I can fit in some more work time and build my business. I’d also ensure that our kiddos had some funds to see them through Uni/starting their adult lives – it would be so nice to be able to give them a helping hand.

Seeing as I don’t play the lottery very often, it’s a little weird that I’ve made so many plans!! We actually played the lottery for years, with set numbers, then got rubbish at remembering to buy tickets so we gave up {thankfully I can’t remember the numbers anymore so don’t have to keep checking what we ‘would’ have won!}. Maybe I should start again so I have a chance of fulfilling all these dreams I have…

Which leads nicely to this fab website – Lottoland that I’ve been trying out this week. Lottoland lets you play various lotteries from around the world. Because you can’t play the lotteries in the same way as if you were a resident of the country, this lets you bet on the outcome of the lotto draws. Simply select the draw you want to enter, choose your numbers and submit your line or lines. If you hit any of the prize tiers available on the official draw, you win the same prize as if you actually entered the draw!


Right now you could take part in the MegaMillions with a jackpot of £247 million {I could probably cope with that ;) }, the Oz Lotto with a jackpot of £8 million or the EuroJackpot with a jackpot prize of £26 million.

To take part, simply credit your account, pick the lottery you want to bet on, choose the numbers and hit enter. You can check your tickets through your account after the draws to see if you have won – and request any winnings to be paid out to your bank account! Lottoland also have various Scratch Cards and Games to play on site that could win you prizes too.

I’m sold on this – it’s a great way to enter the lottery and win the money to fund your dreams! Why don’t you check them out today {if you win, don’t forget who told you about them!!}

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  1. June 23, 2016 / 21:54

    Ugh, I think winning the lottery or becoming rich in one way or another crosses my mind at least once a day! I have to agree with some of your imaginary plans, a big trip to the US would be in order, as well as a house and a little vintage shop with a cafe on the side for Kane and I to work in.

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