And then she was seven…

Baya - seven

In my mind, Baya is still about four. She’s been the baby of the family right up until Vega came along, and she is the sweetest little girl. She’s transistioned into the rold of big sister perfectly, and it’s crazy to think she is SEVEN already! She’s been so excited for her birthday, counting down the days {we even made a paper chain so she could tear of one rung each day!!}.

Her big sisters helped me to decorate and lay out her gifts the night before. I really really love birthdays – I love celebrating another year, and all that they have learnt through the past year. I love making their day extra special, full of treats, family time and lots of love {and cake!}.

It amazes me just how much a year can change us all, how fast they grow and change. It’s bittersweet isn’t it, seeing our babies grow up. I’m so proud of them and happy to see them get bigger and be more independent – yet at the same time I kinda wish I could pause time and hold onto them while they are longer, make these all-too-short years last for a little longer than they do.

Seven is still little I know, but each year inches them a little closer to being fully grown – and even now, the thought of an empty nest makes me a little sad. I’m so grateful that I get to spend so much time with my kiddos – that I’m home every day with them, that I don’t have to send them to school for the majority of their week, that I can work from home and fit it around them.

Baya asked for a BB-8 and a Rapunzel doll, I also picked her up a couple of lego sets and a pile of craft stuff. She got more lego from family, as well as gym clothes and enough money to buy herself the gym beam she’s been wanting. Her birthday party is this coming Wednesday – so we’ll be re-doing the birthday excitement again!

I made her a Rainbow Pinata Cake this year, and picked up this amazing flower candle to go on the top! She cut the cake herself, I didn’t tell her what would be inside so when she saw the rainbow layers and then smarties falling out she was VERY excited! {So was Vega!!}

Happy Seventh Birthday Baya – we love you to the moon and back. Here’s to another year full of love, fun and lots of adventures.

baya birthday gifts rainbow pinata cake baya lego


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