Life, lately

life lately

Thank goodness for Friday! It’s been a week… Mr Vega is still teething and ill, there isn’t much sleep going on here. We’re all full of the sniffles and the kiddos all have a horrid cough, which gets worse at night. My throat is sore but fingers crossed I’m hanging on in there. Still, G is off all weekend and I’m ready for a bit more quiet time.

We’ve had a few stresses this week…hopefully nothing major, but enough to make us worry jsut a touch more than we would like. It’s one of those times that you really wish you weren’t an adult and could hide away from the worry and just play!

beastie washing up

There have a been a few days of glorious sunshine, it’s still mighty cold and there ahave been heavy frosts most mornings, but sunshine and blossom are giving me a hint of spring being on the way. We’re all ready for some better weather – seems someone or another has had a cold all winter long.

It’s been half term week here in Wales, and while mine aren’t at school, for us it means time to catch up with friends who are at school, Lola has spent most of the week volunteering at our local Museum, and we’ve been making the most of a few extra activites that have been on – some crafts and a whole day of gymnastics on Monday for Kiki and Baya. I’ve been squeezing work in here and there and anywhere I can, whilst trying to not stay up too late as Vega is getting me up several times a night.

I’ve had my laptop back this week – the hard drive died just before Christmas, so I’ve been using the old shared laptop – until I remembered that I had insureance on mine and could get it fixed for free! Ooops! Good to have it back up and running, I also invested in this external hard drive to clear my thoushands of photos of the laptops too.

We’re off to our home ed group today – after this week I’m mighty glad for a day to catch up with friends! Hope you all have a fab weekend :)

baya colouring in tulips < baya junk modelling

life lately



  1. February 19, 2016 / 18:43

    Happy Friday! Love that blossom in your first pic – Spring is on the way :)

  2. February 22, 2016 / 13:21

    That flower photo is so spring-like! Love it. Can’t wait for the days to get a bit less chilly x

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