A peek into our day

I thought it would be fun to share a quick peek into our day. I often get asked what our days look like, as a homeschooling/work from home family. This was a ‘normalish’ kind of day for us… they vary so much depending on if we have groups, or trips, or I have a lot of work, or the kids are working on projects or if we’re just off out for the day. But generally, our days are similarish to this one!

I usually wake around 8am… Vega and Baya both tend to wake up around this time, and both will end up in my bed. Vega will have a feed and play with his sister for ten minutes while I wake up properly! Then we’ll go downstairs and think about breakfast. Now it’s autumn, breakfast is usually porridge. I’ll get that started while I potter around doing a few jobs, laundry and such like.

breakfast time

By the time we sit down to eat breakfast, the big girls are normally out of bed {though not always!}. By the time we’ve all eaten, cleared up and gotten washed/dressed it’s usually near 10am. We’re not morning people and I’m forever glad we don’t have to be out of the house early!

morning playtime

mama work time

The girls usually entertain Vega for twenty minutes or so while I check in on work, make sure any posts have gone live that should have, see if I have an emails that need doing and check my to-do list for the day.

work time homeschool

The rest of the morning is usually homeschool time. The girls all have things they do on days we’re at home – some Maths, English, and Journal writing. Lola gets on with hers by herself pretty much and I keep an eye on Kiki and Baya. Sometimes the baby is playing aournd where we’re working, of if G is home he’ll entertain the baby.

Currently, the baby has a nap from 12pm until around 1pm. Some days I’ll do some project work with the girls, or listen to them read, or we’ll do some crafts. Occasionally I’ll use the hour to work if they’re busy and don’t need me!

Once Vega wakes up, we’ll all eat lunch togheter. My favourtie days are when G is home – as he usually cooks us a yummy lunch!

beastie playing

After lunch, we’ll pop out if we have any errands to run. If not we might pop to thte park if the weather is nice or meet up with friends. Some days we’ll stay home and the kids will just play or craft and I’ll sit and work. If we’re all around, Vega is usually happy to play too – he’ll go from room to room and see what’s going on, have a play in the playroom and come find me if he’s hungry! More often than not, someone will bake something delicious for our afternoon snack.

cake baking

Vega has another nap around half 4/5 o’clock. He usually sleeps in his pram as someone has a group on most evenings of the week now – Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Gymnastics three nights a week and a Craft club keep us busy. I seem to be forever dropping someone off for picking someone up – usually on opposite sides of town!


Dinnertime is normally around 6pm, but week nights can be tricky depending on what groups we have and who is home at any one time. I try and get as many of us eating together as I can! After dinner, the girls sometimes go hide in their rooms, or we might pop a documentary on Netflix to watch together.

Bedtime begins around 8pm – I’ll take the baby upstairs, and put his bath on to run while I do jobs. Sometimes one of his sisters hops in the bath with him – right now he loves playing with the rubber ducks! Afer a bath, he’ll feed and then I put his jammies on. He likes to go viist Lola in her room then – he loves making her put her CD player on so he can stand and dance! I’ll read the other girls a story while he’s dancing.

He’s usally asleep and in his cot by 9ish, Kiki and Baya will read/play while I’m settling him and then put their light out once he’s down. Lola read for a while longer.

I’m usually home alone as G works evenings, so if I’ve work to do, I’ll sit for an hour or two, often I’ll pop a show on in the background. If he’s home then we’ll sometimes watch a movie togeterh, and ocne a week the girls take it in turns to have a movie night with me.

I try to switch the computer off by 11pm, then head to bed to read and chill out for half an hour before I try and get some sleep… the baby still wakes me up a couple times a night so I try and be asleep by midnight so I get some sleep at least!

mama chilll out time

What does a ‘normal’ day look lie for you?

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