Huggies Little Swimmers

huggies little swimmers at the river

So the first time we took Vega swimming was while we on holiday at Bluestone. He was 11 weeks old, and we were all really excited to see what he thought of the water. I spent what felt like an age getting his swim nappy on and a wetsuit… for him to fall asleep within minutes of walking into the pool. I stood for half an hour in the water with him sleeping in my arms, then he woke up and needed a feed so we got out!

Through the summer, we spend a lot of time at the river. While I do sometimes use reusuable swim nappies, sometimes a disposable is more convienent {one less wet soggy thing to carry home}. We’ve been testing out the Huggies Little Swimmers nappies, and used them on our trip to the river last week.

The nappies are great, specially designed to not leak or expand they’re perfect for at the pool, in the paddling pool or by the river. The girls loved that they had cute Disney pictures on them – no need to hide them away! Plus the sides tear straight down making it easy to take them off whne you’re finished swimming.


We’re looking forward to lots more splashing and paddling over the summer. You can get advice on taking your baby swimming at

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