Maternity Series – Week 36

maternity series week thirty six

Holy moly – four weeks to go! I *think* we’re all set for Beastie to arrive…. his clothes are all washed and ready, we have nappies, and muslins, and a whole other load of baby paraphanalia. Oh – and finally a finished nursery! We got a new crib this past week and I got it made up at the weekend. I’ll be sharing photos later in the week.

I’ve pretty much finished all the jobs around the house that I wanted to get done, Christmas is pretty much wrapped up {literally}, the freezer is full of home-made food for those nights I haven’t time {or the energy} to cook… all we need now is a baby!

Funny to think that any time now he’ll actually be here… a friend popped round at the weekend with her four month old, and I got a little baby holding practice – y’know it’s been a while since we had a baby around the house. Baya I think is going to make a great big sister. She spends a lot of time feeling my bump, finding little feet sticking out and talking to Beastie. The other night she gave him a kiss good night and told him she loved him ?

dear baby week thirty six

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  1. November 24, 2014 / 10:43

    You look beautiful! Only four weeks left – the time will fly! What an amazing way to celebrate Christmas!

  2. November 24, 2014 / 11:29

    I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going! It’s probably not going as fast for you! You look wonderful. I can’t wait to see the nursery photos :)

  3. November 24, 2014 / 11:30

    Oh wow I can’t believe you only have 4 weeks to go! I wonder if he will be a Christmas Day baby x

  4. November 24, 2014 / 12:09

    You look amazing! Although my children are older now and I don’t want to start all over again I have been feeling a bit sad over the last year or so that I won’t get to be pregnant or have a baby every again – must be my clocks ticking!

  5. November 24, 2014 / 14:27

    Wow, 4 weeks to go…and you’re so organised! Great that you can relax knowing so much is already done.

  6. November 24, 2014 / 19:10

    you look beautiful! that bit about baya at the end is really sweet :)

  7. VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood
    November 24, 2014 / 19:14

    You must be so excited waiting for baby to arrive. Not long now!

  8. November 24, 2014 / 21:34

    It’s all so close now! Still looking fab. I’m glad you’ve got Christmas all organised.

  9. November 24, 2014 / 21:42

    I am so excited for when he arrives! I cannot wait to read all the new baby posts :) EEEEK! x

  10. November 24, 2014 / 22:39

    Four weeks! Eeeek! xx

  11. November 24, 2014 / 22:43

    I am so excited for Baya and all of you. You look especially beautiful and I cannot believe how organised you are.

  12. laura
    November 24, 2014 / 23:14

    You are beautiful! This is such a lovely blog series, I’m sure one day your little Beastie will love reading them :)

  13. November 25, 2014 / 08:42

    You look glowing! So exciting, my friend is due to have a baby any day now and I can’t wait for baby cuddles! x

  14. November 25, 2014 / 14:35

    How do you still look so amazing! The last few weeks seemed to drag for me. I just so wanted them to be there!

  15. November 25, 2014 / 15:32

    you look fantastic polly! last month!! x

  16. Anne Dalzell
    November 25, 2014 / 23:28

    What a lucky little boy, he’s going to be spoilt by all those girlies – enjoy your bump these last few weeks. x

  17. November 26, 2014 / 13:30

    How lovely…you’re looking so well. Such an exciting time, at least you’ll have lots of help on hand! x

  18. November 26, 2014 / 14:15

    oh how exciting. You look absolutely magnificent, looking forward to the announcement :)

  19. November 27, 2014 / 10:04

    How exciting – you are looking fabulous too

  20. November 28, 2014 / 08:11

    Hope the next 4 weeks goes quickly for you! Looking forward to meeting the little one!

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