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Kiki and Baya have been going to gymnastics for over a year, we spent a good six months on the waiting list before that, and even before that Kiki especially kept asking when she could go, and was constantly climbing, tumbling, rolling all over the house.

It’s safe to say both girls love it. As we home-school, I like them to take part in a few extra curricular classes – especially some sporty type ones, as P.E is the hardest thing to do at home! Our girls aren’t ones to sit around all day watching TV, they’re always on the move, but so many children do need to get more exercise. We were really lucky to get places at our gym club, they train to Olympic standards and really encourage the girls. Saturday afternoon is our gym time – two classes in a row meaning this Mama gets two hours to sit and read whilst watching them!!

The physical benefits of doing gymnastics include increased strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, and artistry. Also, according to Michael A. Taylor, owner of Gym.Net, the intense movement that takes place in gym opens up neural pathways in the brain, which can lead to increased concentration, focus and success at home, school, and in the gym.

The girls have official club leotards, but they’ve been after some fancy new ones for a while. They’ve seen class mates in pretty coloured, shiny leotards and decided that they needed one too! We took a browse through the Move Dancewear leotards and after a lot of deliberating they finally decided on these long sleeved, shiny lycra leotards. Baya opted for one in ‘Kingfisher’ and Kiki choose the ‘Purple’.

They arrived really quickly, just one day after ordering. Always a good thing as it means the kiddos don’t have too much time to nag Mama as to how long will it be! Of course, the second we opened the package, we had to try them out! The items came individually wrapped in tissue paper inside a plastic bag, and both were inside a hot pink Move Dancewear tote shopper bag {which Kiki has quickly claimed as her own!}

The actual leotards fitted true to size – I ordered a 4-6 years for Baya and a 8-10 years for Kiki. The style the girls choose has long sleeves and turtleneck, I really like the way that they look on. They have a plastic clasp on the back of the neck to fasten, it’s a little tricky to open and close, especially for younger children. Baya needs help to get in and out of it – a little tricky if she needs a wee in the middle of a class!

The girls are really happy with the leotards, I love the way that they look on, it’s really pretty style. They wore them for their last gym class and several of the other mums asked where we got them from, which is always a good sign!


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