Roots of She – a guest post from Jenn Gibson

To celebrate the launch of Roots of She today, here is a guest post from the amazing and fantastic Jenn Gibson.

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Endings don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, sometimes they are really the first steps to something amazing.
I made the decision to leave Kind Over Matter a few months ago, after much soul-searching and so many tears. I knew that I needed to follow my heart, even if it hurt right then and there, I knew that I needed to listen to what it was whispering to me.
Because I needed to create something, for each of you, and for myself.
I needed to create a place for women to share their stories, all of their stories. I needed to form a safe space, a place that where women could go and know bone-deep that they aren’t alone, that no matter what, there is always someone out there that knows what she is going through.
Connection. Joy. Solidarity.
roots of she tells a story, the story of the female experience, in all of its shapes, sizes and forms.
Big & beautiful.
Small & sassy.
This first tribe is filled with such a gorgeous group of women, all sharing their stories, all opening their hearts: Darrah Parker, Lori Portka, Jamie Ridler, Andrea Schroeder and Sara Smaha.
We’ve created an amazing space, and I’m incredibly proud of what we’re growing — all of these tiny shoots reaching up to the light. I want to extend an invitation to you, to stop by roots of she — we’re throwing a big bash, filled with merriment, stories and… a special giveaway!
Come by whenever you need to go somewhere that is safe, where you will always be accepted and cherished, welcomed and embraced.
(You are never alone.)

Jenn Gibson believes in dreaming big : she’s the creator of roots of she & a co-founder of Kind Over Matter. She’s a photographer & writer, and isn’t above stealing snuggles from Bean the Boy Kitten. Daily parts of her life are paper journaling, talking to her dear sweet momma & sky-gazing.

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