I’m back and fairly refreshed after a short break at Centre Parcs up in Cumbria.
We set off on a wet and grey Monday morning, with a car crammed full of luggage, 2 excited girls and 1 baby who hates her car seat! Thankfully she decided the best option was to sleep the entire way – so I was a very relieved Mummy.
We’d planned to stop in Penrith for a picnic and a look around for a couple of hours. When we got there it was still raining, so the picnic was eaten in the car, and we had a short, wet run around the castle.
The girls loved the villa we were staying in, Kiki asked if we could stay forever. There was woodland right behind us, and we were treated to spying bunnies, birds and even some baby pheasants!
G celebrated his birthday on the Tuesday, Kiki and Baya were very keen to help daddy open his parcels, and enjoyed the balloons I’d blown up at 6am. I’d bought him a gift of a session on the high ropes so off he went in the afternoon, tho to me climbing up a 40ft totem pole wouldn’t be my idea of a good birthday present, but he seemed to enjoy it.


We filled our week with lots and lots of swimming (which seems to have cured Miss Baya of her water phobia), woodland walks, a couple of bbqs (eaten inside once as it was too cold and wet!) a few trips to the toyshop/sweetshop and lots of relaxing.
After a weekend spent catching up on the mountain of washing we brought back with us I’m ready for another holiday now.
And unfortunately, my hard drive decided to die half way through the holiday, so I lost most of the photos I’d taken … did not make for a happy Polly… but here’s a few highlights of our hols from the pictures I didn’t loose

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  1. Joxy

    September 30, 2010 at 08:23

    Lovely, really lovely :-)

    What a sod about the hard drive. Do you know anyone who could try to ghost the drive so you get your stuff back?

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